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Wardrobe Revamp

After twenty years in the industry it’s time to live out my real passion: Assisting women with the revamp, restyling and remodeling of their wardrobes. I want my clients to dress to impress, to turn heads and receive compliments. Looking good and feeling great is what it’s all about. Perfectly suited, well shaped clothing can hide a multitude of sins and make a subject look fantastic. I’ve taken a strategic decision to channel my couture talents from the stage to the everyday situation…

The world has undergone a radical change. There is no longer a need to be a fashion victim and every excuse to make vintage sexy. Life is all about re-introducing the classics and the spotlight, once again, is on shape, form fitting apparel and wearing what is flattering rather than high fashion. The recession has forced us to take a look at our existing wardrobes, to re-evaluate what we have. It’s time to rediscover the items at the back of the cupboard. Isn’t it surprising how many beautiful (often unworn) things we all possess? 

Creating a whole new wardrobe – and often a whole new look can add spice to life and even affect our confidence levels. Basic “black” dressing has become a little too safe and with the introduction of a few style accessories and a bit of necessary expert alteration and remodeling I shall introduce you to a new wardrobe and a new you! I would, therefore, like to invite a select number of women to make use of my new wardrobe revamp consultancy. Through a fun process of approximately three private sessions (see below) I endeavour to:

  • assess and do a fashion forensic on your wardrobe
  • suggest what to throw out and point out which perfect basics are missing
  • Select certain items for couture alteration to ensure super style changes and perfect fit remodeling (You cannot believe what we can do to your very own garments!)
  • invite you to my Salon showroom where we shall select a number of the “missing items” @ trade costing (heavily discounted boutique prices)
  • re-merchandise your wardrobe in categories to suit your lifestyle
    and finally - accompany you on a private shopping spree in search of one or two (illusive) dream items

** Kindly note that I shall be taking on a total of twenty private clients as my time is limited between range development and travelling. Should you wish to make use of the 2010 COUTURE VAMP CONSULT, kindly contact me for a preliminary interview chat on 021 461 0053.

The Wardrobe Revamp Process

Phone me and make an appointment.
I visit you and look at your existing wardrobe.

I will go through your wardrobe and advise you what to keep and what to let go. This will include accessories and shoes.

Your wardrobe will be categorized in work wear, casual wear and cocktail wear. We will colour code your wardrobe so that it will be easier for you to find items.

I will show you which items to wear with which to create different looks for day and evening.

Certain garments in your wardrobe might needs alterations to update it.

I will write down and discuss what you still need in your wardrobe.

Another appointment can be made at my design studio where I will select items for you out of my showroom.

We can arrange a day where I will go with you to shop for garments you still need. This includes shoes and accessories.

What are the costs involved?

Pricing is done per hour, and a warddrobe revamp usually takes 3 to 4 hours.

Pricing starts at R500 per hour within the Cape Town metropole. For a detailed quotation please contact Nanine...

Client Endorsements

"Nanine has amazing style and flair and in just 3 hours can give a wardrobe a complete make-over and designer touch. She not only demonstrates how to update your look with existing items in an exciting and fun way, but she helps create different looks with the clever use of accessories. She also identifies a few key ‘must have’ items to complete the new season’s look, without breaking the bank! One will come away invigorated by your new look wardrobe and fresh new approach when dressing for work, leisure or that special occasion!" - Karen Armstrong

"How can I ever thank you sufficiently for the momentous , life-changing wardrobe -planning and - weeding you did for me over the weekend ! If ever I were to write my memoirs, this would get a CHAPTER !!

It feels as if I have been given a totally new wardrobe - which I have, because of how you have made me look at it. And also because of the amazing and joyful ORGANIZATION you have infused in it !
A virtual hug to you every time I open the doors !!
With endless appreciation and gratitude !
I cannot stop telling people about it !" - Izolda 


Summer Warddrobe Revamp

Summer Warddrobe Revamp 1Summer Warddrobe Revamp 2Summer Warddrobe Revamp 3Summer Warddrobe Revamp 4


Winter Warddrobe Revamp

Winter Warddrobe RevampWinter Warddrobe RevampWinter Warddrobe RevampWinter Warddrobe Revamp


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